10 Everyday Items That Have a Kinky Purpose

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Sexy playthings are all around us. Seriously. All. Around. Us. All you need is a creative and kinky mind and everyday items that can be foind on your desk or in your purse, even in your refrigerator, can double as foreplay fun to spruce things up with your lover

Wondering what they are? Here are 10 unassuming items and how to use them to your advantage -- sexual advantage!


1. Photos of your lover: Before you get together with your man or lady, take a look at the photos you have. Remember the the last time you had sex, think about what you want to di this time -- it's foreplay before you even meet up.

2. A deck of cards: Spice things up with your lover by playing a little game or two. Whether you're into strip poker or go fish, just about anything could be wagered. I'll let you decide the stakes.

3. Water: Douse each other and use some H20 as an excuse to get out of your wet clothes. Or pour it over your naked bodies ....

4. Tape: Ready to get kinky? Put tape over your lover's mouth and dare him not to scream out with pleasure.

5. A scarf: Blindfold are hot.

6. Ice cubes: Nipples respond well to cold things ... yours and his.

7. Hair elastics: Chain them together to make your own handcuffs, or simply use them to tie your hair back out of your face when you're on top.

8. Sunglasses: Role playing, anyone? Use the hair elastic handcuffs, hand over the shades, and let him arrest you.

9. To-Do list: We're constantly forgetting what to do and when to do it. Make sure to put some romp time on there, and really look forward to checking everything off.

10. Lip gloss: There's nothing tastier than a fresh coat of lip gloss. Use a dab of mint-flavored shine for a tingle your guy will really appreciate the next time you go down on him. The cool sensation will have him craving more.

What everyday items do you play with?

Image via calleecakes/ Flickr

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