Man Pulls Off Most Unbelievable Marriage Proposal (VIDEO)

greatest proposal everIf you're not married, but are in a serious relationship, prepare to be disappointed right now, because there's no way your super thoughtful, totally adorable other half will ever be able to top this proposal. And if you are married, well, you may feel a tinge of resentment towards your hubs for his candle and rose petal extravaganza -- because there's no way it was as romantic as this.

A man from Georgia has pulled off what literally could be the greatest marriage proposal of all time -- and lucky for us, he has the entire thing on video!


Ginny Joiner thought she was in for a simple night at the movies. She didn't think her boyfriend, Matt Still, had anything up his sleeve. But when the trailers before the movie start, she realizes they're not trailers at all, but a beautifully edited video Matt put together for her, complete with him asking her father for her hand in marriage.

No words will do this justice. Just watch.

How amazing is this?!


Image via YouTube

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