Shockingly, the Internet HAS Improved Our Sex Lives

couple internet pornIn 1983, Playboy conducted the biggest sex poll in history, surveying 65,396 men and 14,928 women who read the iconic publication. Now, 27 years later, they've done another huge sex poll for their June issue, for which they surveyed 2,300 men and women.

Obviously, sex has changed in almost three decades, and my first instinct, at least, is that you'd think it would be for the worse. Just think about it -- the mere fact that they had to poll people online speaks to how addicted to the Internet we are. The more screen time, the less in shape or interested in sex, right? ... Actually, wrong! Judging from the poll's findings, it seems like the Internet has bolstered our sex lives!

A few examples how ...


1. We've become exhibitionists. Seventy-six percent of people polled admitted to having sex somewhere other than behind bedroom doors, whereas only 35 percent admitted to the same in 1983. Playboy gives credit to the increased popularity of security cam and gonzo pornography ... much of which has taken the Internet by storm in the past few years.

2. We're more open to being photographed nude ... or while having sex. Seventy percent of women have been photographed nude, and almost half while having sex, Playboy found. They attribute this to the fact that we have digital cameras, but ehhh ... I personally believe this is all Paris Hilton's fault. Would her sex video have been such a sensation had it not been for the web? Doubtful!

3. We're having sex with exes. Sites like Facebook and probably account for the fact that 46 percent of men and 37 percent of women admitted to having sex with an ex after a breakup. Now, this isn't necessarily a "boon" to our sex lives ... in fact, you might argue it's actually really bad to retrace your steps with an ex. But hey, in some ways, revisiting that old flame beats crying yourself to sleep after calling it quits with someone else. And you're getting laid. Therefore, you're definitely winning!

4. Teens are staying virgins longer. This one's more a positive for parents: 40 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds haven't had sex. See, right there -- a case for Internet porn!

5. We're more likely to watch porn with our SOs. Taking in a skin flick together can inject your sex life with a whole new energy. And now, instead of having to go to some skeezy theater to see Deep Throat, we've got the web! Woot! No wonder 44 percent of men and 36 percent of women have watched porn with his/her partner.

What do you think? Do you agree that the Internet has improved our sex lives?


Image via Bryan Brennenman/Flickr

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