What to Wear to Bed When You’re Not in the Mood

snuggieAdmit it. There are times when you just don't want to have sex. Maybe much of the time, maybe only a few times. But how do you let your partner know that you just really, I mean really aren't in the mood. The whole "I have a headache" or "I'm too tired" pleas used too often?

For those times, you don't have to say anything. Let your choice of sleepwear do your talking. I have some no-fail outfits for you to wear to bed that will send the message loud and clear, without having to utter a word.


1. A Snuggie. The description on the box says it all. It's "The Blanket That Has Sleeves!" Nothing says, "Not tonight, honey" than wearing a blanket under your blankets. Especially in the summertime. 

2. The green facemask. A classic turn-off, ladies. Not only will you be passing on the schnookie, he may not even attempt to make a move with you looking like Alice from The Brady Bunch ... remember, she'd always come out with her face covered in green goop? It's no wonder Sam the Butcher never popped the question.

3. Your bra. Some ladies do wear bras to bed, especially if they're nursing. But if you don't, by donning a bra, ergo, preventing easy access to "your girls," you're giving Hubby a huge clue that his roaming hands, let alone anything more, aren't welcome tonight.

4. Cutesy pajamas. So you bought some Hello Kitty adult-size pajamas so you and Kiddo could match at the Mommy & Me school pajama party. Awwwwww. Those pjs may be cute, but definitely don't give off a "Come here, Tiger!" vibe he's looking for ... plus every time he sees the little cat with the red bow, he may think of playing the Hello Kitty bingo game with his daughter. Perfect kibosh on any romance for the evening.

5. Your workout clothes for the next morning. I know a few women who sleep in their workout clothes so they're ready to go for the next morning. Gives them a little extra boost, a no-excuse reason to hit the gym after dropping the kids at school. If you're already dressed for yoga tomorrow, your husband knows you aren't into trying any new moves between the sheets tonight.

What do you wear to bed when you aren't "in the mood"?


Image via rejon/Flickr

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