Public Displays of Affection Are A-OK With These Sexy Cities PDAI've always been a wee bit fascinated with people who are so comfortable with PDA ... you know, public displays of affection, aka "public passion." One time I saw a couple in the parking lot of a local cafe make out while leaning against the guy's motorcycle for a good 90 minutes! My friend's and my 17-year-old eyes couldn't believe it. If I saw that today, I probably wouldn't believe it. First of all, 90 minutes?! And second of all, wow ... those people had a lot of nerve! In a hot way.

Turns out the motorcycle make-out marathonin' couple would have been right at home in ... Iowa! Des Moines (#10) and Cedar Rapids (#8) specifically. But they'd be shunned in Miami-Ft. Lauderdale (#95) and Las Vegas (#92). Well, at least that's what love pros from say. They recently uncovered the cities most and least comfortable with PDA across the country.


I find quite a few of the top 10 and bottom 10 cities kinda baffling. For instance, where I actually live (near New York, New York) is #5 on the A-OK with PDA list. But I would think New Yorkers would be among the first people to grumble, shout, or even scream, "Get a f$%#ing room!" at a couple making out on the street corner. But no! Guess not! Maybe it has something to do with there being so damn many people here, it's too difficult to notice, let alone get angry with, a couple that's all over each other. (Then again, if they happened to be blocking the sidewalk or subway doors ... well, let's just say it wouldn't be pretty.)

The love gurus at claim that the Big Apple and other PDA-friendly places are filled with people who fall into two different personality types: Negotiators (expressive of estrogen in the brain) and Builders (expressive of serotonin). These people are "predisposed to showing their affection." I'm not sure I'm down with this explanation, so I came up with my own for some of the Top 10 (the ones that say, "Pucker up in public"), as well as the Bottom 10 (the ones that say, "Keep it behind closed doors") ...

Top 10

#2 Pittsburgh, PA - When it comes to PDA, the Steelers say, "Sweet!" It's likely because they have absolutely nothing else to look at.

#7 Waco, TX - Maybe they're just rebelling against living in the shadow of Crawford and George W. Bush? It's "look at me, not them!" behavior.

#9 Syracuse, NY - It may be lush and gorges gorgeous up there, but it's also really damn cold many months of the year. In upstate New York, PDA isn't just about being horny. It's a means for survival!

#4 Charleston, WV - Sure, but they're only okay with PDA among cousins ... I kid, I kid!

Bottom 10

#94 Orlando, FL - Not in front of the Mouse, ya hear?

#93 Seattle, WA - PDA is, like, so not in tune with the "let's channel Eddie Vedder circa 1991," rainy, chilled-out, drinkin' Starbucks at Pike Place Fish Market vibe here, man.

#92 Las Vegas, NV - What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ... but because they have to witness everyone trying to live out their Hangover-inspired fantasies 24/7/365, locals would prefer you do whatever that is in your suite at Caesars.

#95 Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Enough already! Don't distract Bubbe (Grandma) and Zayde (Grandpa)! They're trying to drive, hear, and see at the same time.

See, now it all makes a lot more sense!

Do you agree with these findings that these cities are the most PDA-loathing and loving? Are you cool with PDA or not so much?


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