Is My Sex Life Doomed Because I’m Cold & He’s Hot?

thermostat warsThere are lots of little perks to being married. Being married, you always have someone to scratch your back, a person you know will always tell you there's spinach stuck in your teeth, a partner in putting together furniture from IKEA. I thought "built-in foot warmer" was on the list. But, alas, when I scooch my cold tootsies over to my husband's side of the bed, my cold feet are, at times, not so welcome. 

I admit, my feet are really cold and sometimes the cold shocks him and, um, wakes him up. Not good, I know. My husband is tired of it, a bit annoyed ... and he's banned my feet from his side of the bed.

What am I supposed to do? I've tried socks, but I can't sleep with something on my feet. Now, I'm usually cold, I carry a sweater with me even on hot days, have a blanket over me as we sit on the couch. I've heard of thermostat wars in marriages ... could there be a temperature war in mine?


Thermostat wars ... where the wife is always cold and turns up the heat, then the husband, sweating in his recliner, turns it down when she's not looking. Classic man versus woman tiff. It's why they invented the dual thermostats in cars and now make electric blankets with two different heat controls. There is science backing up this phenomena -- it seems women's bodies regulate heat differently than men's bodies do.

A team of researchers ... found that on average woman's hands are almost three degrees cold than a man's. The reason is that the female body produces a slightly higher core temperature around the vital organs. So women's hands and feet get the shaft. And when your hands feel cold, so does the rest of you.

See? I am not making this up, nor are the millions of other women out there. The studies also show that menstruation cycles throw body temperatures out of whack a bit but, hey, that's not our fault either. 

Despite this validation, it doesn't solve my nightly cold feet woes. So, we devised a plan, a peace agreement with specific terms, namely The Pre-Warm. Before sticking my cold feet over on his side, I have to rub them on the sheet to take the chill off before inching them over to his side. We'll see if it works, if it brings a ceasefire.

Do you and your husband battle over temperatures?


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