The Cure for Divorce Is in Washington's Hands

couple kissingThere seems to be a plague of wacky and downright stupid bills going around lately. First there's the one where the two senators are proposing that the penalty for uploading movies to the Internet be five years in jail. And now, a Massachusetts legislator is trying to pass some crap that would prevent divorcing parents from having sex at home until their divorce is final. Unless they get court permission. Wha?

See, not only is this bill utterly/totally/completely ridiculous, it's kind of ingenious. Why, you ask, inquisitive reader? Well, because what happens when you tell two people they can't be together? They only want to be together more! Congratulations, weird Beacon Hill legislator, I think you just inadvertently invented the divorce cure!


Think about it. Romeo and Juliet, you in high school. Every time the words "I forbid you to see him" left your father's lips, how badly did you want to run out and throw your arms around Bad Boy's deviant body? And we all have a friend (or two) who simply refuses to get over "that married guy." There's nothing wrong with it. It's not weird. It's human nature. We want what we can't have; the grass is always greener; other adage that echoes this sentiment.

By making sex "illegal" for two people involved in a divorce, well, maybe some of the fire will be ignited back into their relationship. Maybe it will give them that rush cheaters get off on from "sneaking around." Maybe it will make them realize that, after all, the passion is still there; it was just hiding under stacks of Real Simple and a backed-up DVR.

So, even though the legislator proposing the bill went through "a bitter divorce himself," I think he's actually unintentionally doing the world a favor, as opposed to taking his stuff out on it. And who knows, if this bill became a law during his separation, maybe they'd still be together.

What do you think of this crazy bill?


Image via mezone/Flickr

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