Jesse James Needs to Shut Up About Sandra -- Now!

jesse james american outlawIs Jesse James really that much of a douche bag? I mean, wasn’t it enough to cheat, multiple times, on wife Sandra Bullock, America’s Sweetheart. Then to quickly start dating Kat Von D and engage in multiple public displays of affection, followed by a 140-character or less announcement of their engagement on Twitter.

Now, with the hopes of publicizing his new book, American Outlaw, James is making the media rounds publicly spewing loads of crap, on a variety of topics, to anybody who will listen. The guy just doesn’t know when to shut up. Telling Howard Stern that Von D is 100 percent better in bed than Bullock. Spiteful to Bullock and, dare I say it, insulting to Von D. And even accusing Bullock of being insincere in her award acceptance speeches when she had the audacity to thank James for “having her back.”

If only she knew then what she knows now.


And don't even get me started on his whole "millions of married men cheat on their wives" speech. Do us a favor Jesse James, follow all of the people who are jumping off of the bridge, too.

James is a dirt bag. A pile of trash-talking, well, trash. There, I said it. And I would say the same thing about anybody else who feels the need to publicly diss and embarrass an ex-husband, lover, or boyfriend. You'll notice that Bullock hasn’t been making any statements about this whole debacle. Not about James, his engagement to Kat Von D, or even his book. I'm sure she has a lot to say, but no, she’s better than that. A class act.

I've been there. I’m divorced. And I never felt the need to publicly air my dirty laundry. The whos and whys of what happened. Though sometimes, in a fit of anger or frustration, I wanted to. And to my ex’s credit, neither did he. What I always say when someone asks me what happened in my first marriage -- and believe me, even nine years later, they still ask -- I say, "He’s a good person. A great father. Just not the person for me." End of story.

What do you think of Jesse James opening his big mouth and talking about his relationship with Sandra Bullock?


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