Osama bin Laden Secret 'Viagra' Could Help Your Guy

avena sativa osama bin ladenNow that the initial shock of Osama bin Laden's death has worn off, we're learning all the details of the Most Wanted Man in the World's life. Even though he was a middle-aged terrorist, he seemed to also be a horndog. When Navy SEALs killed him inside his Pakistan compound, the Special Forces recovered pornography and an item called Avena Sativa, "wild oats," or oat seed, which has two potential uses: To serve as a sort of "herbal Viagra" and increase sexual desire, and as artificial sweetener used for a sour stomach, according to MSNBC.

Other sources say it can be used to help reduce stress and lower cholesterol -- side effects that could surely contribute to a healthy sex life -- so there's no telling what exactly the Taliban leader was using the herbal compound for. Nonetheless, sales of oat seed have increased by 50 percent since news broke about Osama's penchant for it.

Here's what I want to know ... are we really this gullible?


Of course, low libido and even occasional erectile dysfunction (ED) affect tons of guys. It sucks that there's such a ridiculous stigma surrounding both problems, because it's probably the rare guy -- especially an older guy in his 50s, like bin Laden -- who has never had to deal with either. Depression, low self-esteem, obesity, and aging, among other triggers, can lead to low libido or ED.

But no matter what the trigger, decreased sexual desire and ED can be a total pain in the ass, taking a real toll on your love life. It's no wonder why lots of guys lean on pharmaceuticals like Viagra or Cialis to get a boost. But the little blue wonder pills can be pricey with God knows what kind of side effects. So, I'm actually kind of psyched to see that there's interest in a natural alternative, even if it is Osama's beloved wild oats.

At the same time, sorry to burst your bubble, but it doesn't sound like the research is really there for this particular herbal Viagra. Herbal supplement salespeople say it works on a "gentle level," but there's not much anecdotal evidence behind the stuff. 

However, there are several other supplements that come with more proof: Peruvian root maca, for one, which is thought to balance hormonal activity to help treat impotence, potentially even increase seminal volume and sperm motility, as well as enhance sexual performance and endurance. Score! There's also horny goat weed (love the name, right?).

I'll give Osama this much: If he was actually skipping Viagra in lieu of a natural remedy to reignite sexual fire, he may have been on to something. Or he could have just been a crazy horndog with lots of nudie mags and a fully-stocked medicine cabinet. We'll probably never really know. But it doesn't matter. The real news here is that people are clearly open to and looking for natural alternatives to Big Pharma's sex drugs. As far as I'm concerned, that's a win.

Would you take a natural libido enhancer yourself or get one for your partner?

Image via Teeter Creek Herbs

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