Woman Sues to Masturbate at Work

We all get annoyed with those employees who take their breaks to smoke, but what about the ones who take breaks to masturbate? The fact is, many probably DO leave work to go into the bathroom and masturbate (men-folk, I am looking at you!), but a Brazilian woman with a condition that makes her need to orgasm has taken it to a whole other level. She has sued for the right to diddle herself in the workplace.

Thirty-six-year-old Ana Catarina Bezerra Silvares works at an accounting firm and is a divorced mother of three who lives in the village Vila Velha, Espírito Santo in Brazil. She has a condition known as “compulsion orgasmic,” caused by a chemical alteration in her brain's cortex, which leads her to need to masturbate to relieve pain.

She needs to take medication that reduces her need to masturbate to only 18 times a day. Eighteen times!


Now she will be allowed to masturbate at work for 15 minutes every two hours and will also be allowed to surf porn at work.

Well, good for this chick for being upfront, but come on. Many people masturbate at work. And even more probably look at porn. The difference is they keep it on the down-low. This idea isn't revolutionary. What is revolutionary is her honesty. 

If this starts a trend, I fear for the future. The work bathroom stalls are hideous enough (stage fright, anyone else?) without the added terror that the person in the stall next to you is moaning and getting themselves off.

Will we be passing the work vibrator? Discussing our porn preferences at the water cooler? Anyone can see how quickly this could go wrong.

As for Silvares, I just hope this does the trick. That is one condition I'm glad I don't share.

Have you heard of masturbating at work?


Image via brosner/Flickr

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