Man Breaks Law to Propose to Girlfriend: Romantic or Insane? (VIDEO)

When you get engaged to marry someone, the way they propose isn't nearly as important as how you feel about it. My husband worked up a very romantic and interesting proposal (a scavenger hunt through all of our favorite places) that ended with him on one knee, but honestly, he could have proposed to me in a barn and I would have happily said yes. But for a woman named Alison in Florida, her proposal came as an act of vandalism.

Roger and Carolyn Mooyoung of New York said they received a letter from Lee County Code Enforcement in Florida informing them of the graffiti spray-painted on the side of their vacation home reading, "Will you marry me Alison?" And then her response: "Yes!"

Wow. So if these two ever make it to the altar, I give them about two years max. Sorry, but any proposal that starts with illegal activity is bound to end badly. See more below:


The homeowners had to pay $1,000 out of pocket to have the graffiti removed, and any hopes of finding the happy couple are low at best. Of course, they could just search wedding registries with the name "Alison." It would quickly become obvious when she was only registered for various colors of spray paint.

I have so many questions now. Who is Alison? Are they 12? Who still dots their exclamation points with hearts? Was there a ring?

Somehow I think these two are destined to break up before we actually hear any wedding bells. But wherever this tagger who is in love with a girl named Alison currently is, he has managed to create a highly memorable -- if wholly inappropriate -- proposal out of thin air.

And if he has $1,000 in a few years, it would be kind of cool of him to pay the homeowners back for their time and trouble.

As Carolyn Mooyoung told UPI:

I feel sorry for them because if they get married, they're going to have problems. I mean, that's pretty immature.

Do you think this couple stands a chance?

Image via base2wave/Flickr

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