Does Chelsy Davy Need to Worry About Charlize Theron?

prince harry and charlize theronOn the list of people I'd rather not see my significant other talking to, Charlize Theron is up there. She's beautiful, owns an Oscar, and has legs for days. But hopefully Chelsy Davy is more confident than I because here Charlize is chattin' it up casual-style with Prince Harry.

Oh, Chelsy. How are you doing these days? Are you hanging in there? It seems like ever since the Royal Wedding, the media and the world have been obsessed with your lover getting it on with Pippa Middleton (who, not to add fuel to the fire, is smokin' hot); and now you have to look at him talking to tall, pretty Charlize. How are you dealing?


I don't care how confident you are, having the world suggest your partner get together with someone else -- and probably having to watch throngs of girls throw themselves at him, too -- has to take its toll. I mean, since Kate and William wed, Chelsy Davy has been one of the least mentioned names alongside Harry's. That burns.

And I'm speaking from experience here. I, too, dated a Royal once -- just kidding. Did you believe me? Not even for a split second? Whatever, it could have happened. No, when my husband and I first started dating, he was in a band -- one that toured, nonetheless. And know what comes with bands? Groupies!

No matter how many times a day he called, or how many emails and letters he sent, every once in a while -- okay, maybe once a week -- I would start getting too caught up in my own head. "Maybe he isn't answering because he's with another girl?" "Maybe the longer we're apart -- and the more girls that hang around -- he'll eventually just wind up cheating? Maybe we're not meant to be! Ahhhh!"

No matter how strong your bond is, circumstances can mess with you. And my heart goes out to Chelsy right now because Lord knows she's dealing with one hell of a set of 'em.

What do you make of Charlize and Harry talking? Do you feel for Chelsy?


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