Some Guys Really DO Prefer 'Fat Chicks'

This is the opposite of what these guys want.
In news that will surprise approximately no one, it seems guys have physical preferences

Many, many men are "fat-phobic." In other words, they like a thin, trim body with large breasts. I think this makes them about as original as 85 percent of the male population.

But not everyone. In fact, this Village Voice article confirms that some men are really, really into "fat chicks" and, oh yes, the women in the article prefer to be called fat to "overweight" (it implies there is one weight to be) or to almost any other euphemism we invent to call it anything other than what it really is: fat. And some guys ("fat-admirers" or FAs) really dig it.


For some men, particularly college age men and frat boys at that, having sex with a "fat chick" is an embarrassment. There is a game called "hogging," which is a fraternity stunt where men go to a bar, pick up the fattest woman there, and have sex with her. As a joke. And yes, we do live in 2011. As an aside, if my son ever does anything like this, I will put him in permanent time-out until he is in his 40s. But I digress.

The thing is, for every guy who mocks it and is horrified by it, there is one guy who loves it and has had to hide his love of it because other guys would mock him. Keith Ferguson, 24, told the Village Voice about when he "came out" as an FA in high school:

We had two African-American kids in our schools and one fat girl ... the immediate reception from my friends was, "You’re a fetishistic freak, and I can’t believe I hang out with you." It’s almost like the same level of stigma that a homosexual would deal with.

So, great. Guys like everything and it's true, men who like fat women aren't necessarily any more "fetishist" or deviant than men who like large breasts on small frames, right? And while my first reaction to all this was to get all hot and bothered because, duh, it's still objectifying women and that's bad, I also realized that would be hypocritical.

I have a preference for men who are at least 6 feet tall (preferably taller), semi-built, but not too built, and who have a pretty cut upper torso. It seems I have a fetish, too! Only my "fetish" is pretty standard. My husband happens to fit my standard, but it's not like I wouldn't have been open to dating outside of it.

I say good on these guys for having the courage to stray outside the norm and admit they're sexually attracted to something other guys may not be. But, as the article points out, in the end, it all comes down to personality. These guys don't just like any old "fat chick"; they're looking for someone with that body type who also has a sense of humor and everything else they want -- the "total package."

Hmmmmm ... sounds a bit like everyone else.

What do you think of this preference?


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