Is Pippa Middleton Coming Between Chelsy & Harry?

chelsy davyWe can all find plenty of reasons to hate Pippa Middleton right now. She's young, beautiful, her arse has a Twitter account, and she seems destined to marry a royal. But the beauty of our relationship with Pippa? It comes from the fact that she doesn't really affect our daily lives. If we don't want to see her, we can just turn off our computer, or flip to the next celeb-filled page of our favorite rag mag. Unfortunately, that's not how it goes for Chelsy Davy.

Poor Chelsy Davy. She, too, is young. She, too, is beautiful. She, too, seemed destined to marry a royal. But with all the recent fuss that's been made of over Pippa -- and how she should totally hook up with Prince Harry -- I'm guessin' there must be a little trouble in paradise right now.


Think about it. You're in an on-again/off-again relationship with a dude (not the most solid of foundations to begin with), and then all of a sudden, his brother gets married, and the whole world is saying how amazing it would be if he hooked up with the maid of honor -- who's hot as all hell! And then said maid of honor appears on every blog and magazine in the free world, accompanied by the name, "Her Royal Hotness." I consider myself a fairly secure person, but I think that might get to me a bit.

And what happens in those situations? We all know it. Chelsy and Harry are probably fighting right now. What else is there to do? Chelsy can't argue with the media. With the world! Unless the 26-year-old possesses some insane security that I sure as hell didn't have at that age, Chelsy's probably a little irritated with Harry. Er, correction, she's probably irritated with Pippa and her hotnicity (and the media) and is taking it out on Harry.

It's a tricky situation because, let's face it, it's not Pippa's fault that the media is obsessed with her and Prince Harry getting together. Nor is it Harry's. Chelsy's just found herself in kind of a crappy situation, where the only way out is acceptance. Guess dating a royal isn't all jewels and scepters after all.

What do you think Chelsy's thinking? How would you handle millions of people saying your man should hook up with someone else?


Image via MJ Kim/Getty

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