How to Boost Your Guy's Libido Without Hiring a Lawyer

Woman alone in bedWhat would you do if your husband wouldn’t have sex with you for months? Masturbate? Of course. Cry, yell, and even vent to your friends? Yes. One woman has taken it a step further and is suing her husband in the Dubai Courts for over $12 million, claiming he "failed to fulfill her needs."

That's not something you hear about every day. What we frequently hear about is all of the reasons why women don't have sex drives as high as their partners. Reasons like I'm tired, have a headache, and too stressed out. But the truth is, there are more low sex drive men out there than you might think.

Happily for me, my husband is not one of those. But sure, I would be unhappy if his sex drive took a plunge. But suing him because of it? Not quite the road I would take. There are other ways to address the issue:


Give him some space: Pull out your arsenal of sex toys and run through all of your batteries. Give him some time without nagging him about sex and at the same time not letting yourself get completely frustrated. Take care of yourself by doing things that make you feel good like going to the gym or out with some girlfriends.

Put the idea in both of his heads: Leave little reminders, in surprising places around the house, of how hot your sex used to be. His favorite pair of your underwear in his drawer, a picture of you semi-nude under his pillow, or a sexy love note in his bathroom cabinet.

Spice yourself up: I go through stages where I may fall behind on my appearance. A much needed haircut and color, some bikini line maintenance, and even just putting on my "nicer" clothes. Like it or not, men are stimulated with their eyes first so give him something to look at.

Speak to him: Make sure he knows that you're feeling unfulfilled in this part of your relationship. Maybe he doesn't. Or maybe there's something going on with him that you don't know about. Be honest about what you want. Hopefully he'll do the same.

In some cases, there are medical reasons for a man's libido to be low. His testosterone could be out of whack or his medications could be having an adverse effect. Encourage him to talk to his doctor.

Hopefully, with a little effort, you can get your sex life back to a place where both of you are happy about the quantity. And getting there can be pretty satisfying too.

Who has the higher sex drive in your house?


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