Oldest Couple to Ever Marry Dated for 30 Years (VIDEO)

I nearly gave my husband an ultimatum after one year of dating at the age of 23, so it's very hard for me to imagine being willing to wait for three decades. But that is exactly what 90-year-old Rose Pollard and her new husband Forrest Lunsway, 100, of southern California did.

After 30 years of dating, Rose was in no rush, but her husband-to-be felt differently. She told The Daily:

[Forrest] got down on his knees and asked me to marry him and then he says, "Name the date," so I said I'll marry you on your 100th birthday.

And that was that.


The director of the local senior center acted as wedding planner, and she and Rose surprised the groom, as promised, on his birthday.

When it comes to love, Rose has two tips: "Be forgiving and patient and say I love you, I guess, every once in a while."

The two are about as sweet as anything!

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