Kissing Machine Could Be the Most Disturbing Invention Yet (VIDEO)

kissing machineLong-distance relationships are the worst. Sure, they make your heart grow fonder. And, sure, you can talk to your sweetie over Skype. But there's one thing you just can't do when you're hundreds of miles apart -- make out.

Well, make that couldn't do. Japanese students used their big brains for a really weird -- and kind of gross -- invention: A box with a straw that simulates kissing, including breath, taste, "moistness of the tongue," and all.

The creators feel that the device is not only a great stride in the problem of long-distance relationships, they think the machine could be a one-solution-cure to loneliness, as well.

Yep, nothing says "totally not lonely" like a dude with a computerized straw wiggling around in his mouth.

Watch the disturbing video for yourself after the jump. Don't say I didn't warn you!


What do you think of the kissing machine? You wouldn't use one ... would you?


Image via YouTube

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