Jennifer Lopez First Husband Continues to Haunt Her

jennifer lopez LOVE?This past weekend, while (surely obnoxiously) singing along to Jennifer Lopez's single, "On the Floor," I thought about how awesome the woman seems to have it right now. An upcoming, sure-to-be-hit album called LOVE?, adorable twins, a sweet gig on American Idol, and a rockin' bod. (Have you seen the video for "On the Floor"? Wow, how old is J. Lo again??) But apparently, everyone's got somethin'. As for J. Lo, her somethin' is her delusional first husband, Ojani Noa.

Noa is filing a lawsuit against the diva, claiming the song "One Love" from her new album is about him. Uh ... so what? If people were banned from writing about their exes in their songs or using them as inspiration for their films, just about anyone and everyone in entertainment would be out of a job. 

But in a move that I'm sure she's kicking herself for now, Lopez apparently signed a legal contract that prohibits her from "negatively referencing" Ojani Noa.


D'oh! It does sound like legally she could be at fault in this civil case his business partner says he "plans" to bring against her, depending on what your definition of a "negative reference" is. And furthermore, how does he know she isn't bashing notorious ex Ben Affleck or some other old flame, hmm? A quick check of the lyrics from the forthcoming track proves it's an obvious overreaction:

The bad boy from the block / picked my love right from the start / Mister Wrong, he plays his part.

Psshh ... ok, given "from the block," she's obvs talking about Noa, but what, can't he deal with being called a "bad boy" or "Mister Wrong"? Most men would be happy to be known as a "bad boy" and "Mister Wrong" ... hello, obviously he was Mister Wrong if they got divorced -- AGES AGO, may I note. Get over it, Noa!

But he can't. It seems he really, truly is obsessed with his ex-wife. This is only one event in a laundry list of other court battles Noa has dragged J. Lo into, because he seems to be perpetually trying to bring her down and get even more moolah.

In fact, Noa's current girlfriend Claudia Vazquez even has her hand in another scheme. She was in an L.A. courtroom today trying to get a judge to allow her to release Noa's home videos that Noa took when he and Lopez were married. (Second attempt to release a sex tape, anyone?) They've been trying to release a DVD called "Jennifer Lopez Home Video Collection" for YEARS, but they can't because Noa signed an agreement when he and Lopez divorced that prohibited uh ... well, it sounds like later attempting to capitalize on their relationship. At least you made a smart move there, J. Lo.

Plain and simple, this guy sounds like a delusional stalker ex. The kind you get a restraining order on if you're a world-famous singer-turned-actress-and-all-around-diva like J. Lo. She has better things to focus on ... like, hello, picking the next American Idol and promoting her new album. And hey, by the way, note to Noa -- if your intention is to bring your ex down, you'd probably want to avoid stirring up trouble just before her new album comes out. It's probably only going to add fuel to her promotional fire, and get even more people rooting for her over you.

Have you ever had an ex do nutty things like this for years after you broke up?


Image via London Entertainment/Splash News

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