Pippa & Harry Would Make the Hottest Royal Couple EVER!

The royal wedding was amazing, even for me, a self-avowed cynic when it comes to all things royal. But as beautiful as Kate and Wills are, there was another couple who ought to get together who had my eye through the entire affair -- Harry and Pippa.

Prince Harry is the roguishly handsome, impish younger brother of William who has had his fair amount of tabloid moments. He was photographed grabbing a woman's breast, wearing a Nazi uniform, and generally spending his time being rowdy.

Pippa Middleton, the younger, slightly more vivacious of the sisters, is also a bit of a tabloid queen. She practically stole the spotlight from her older sister -- THE PRINCESS. And that's hard to do.

These two NEED to get together. Like now.


At 27, Pippa is just about one year older than Prince Harry, who is only 26 (but soon to be 27). This age gap is actually the same one their siblings share and seems to work so well for them. The families already know each other well. Why not?

Turns out, I am not the only one who wants this ... or who thinks it may have happened. Countless Facebook groups have erupted praising Middleton's beauty in various, not so subtle ways. Others are just waiting for the Pippa and Harry sex tape, and according to People, they may not have to wait too long.

They cite a source that claims the two left the party together at 3 a.m. Since both brought dates -- she is reportedly dating 30-year-old Alex Loudon, known as "the Derek Jeter of Cricket," and he brought longtime, on- and off-again girlfriend Chelsy Davy -- the truth is probably somewhat murkier. Maybe they just left at the same time!

But it's true that weddings are hotbeds of hookup activity. Maybe it's all the love already in the room or maybe it's the envy. The fact is, Pippa could get her own prince and then everything would truly be fairy tale perfect for the sisters, married to the brothers.

Do you think this hook-up should happen?


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