Mystery Couple Marriage Proposal Caught on Tape! (VIDEO)

mystery marriage proposalThis is one of those times the overpopulation and randomness of New York City is completely adorable. A few weekends ago, a videographer was in Brooklyn Bridge Park taping a time lapse of the sun setting over the Manhattan skyline. Instead (or rather, in addition to) he caught a young man proposing to a young woman. Yes, he got down on one knee and everything!

My favorite part? The well-wishes from passersby who, like typical New Yorkers, are too busy to stop but manage to shout out enthusiastic congrats as they race by the happy couple. Check out the cuteness here: 


The videographer tweeted to see if he could find the couple. So far no one has come forward, but surely it's only a matter of time before these two realize their intimate moment has been seen by people all around the world. Or the world of YouTube, anyway. Most importantly, they'll always have a record of the moment. Which I totally wish I had, because I can't imagine what the look on my face must have been as I was incredibly shocked when my husband popped the question.

While this guy's style may not have been as impressively over-the-top as the Washington Square dance routine proposal, he certainly picked a romantic spot and, as luck would have it, perfect framing for this beautiful video. Although it does seem they may have tipped off a friend with a still camera to take a shot post-engagement. Unless that's just another passerby getting into the spirit.

Regardless, it's heart-warming. Thank goodness she said yes, right?


Image via YouTube

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