Is Kim Kardashian Scaring Off Her Latest Man?

kim kardashianKim Kardashian is so many things. Gorgeous, curvy, super-duper rich. However, there is one thing she's not -- laid back when it comes to her men. For some reason, Kim likes to keep a tight rein on her boyfriends, despite the fact that who would stray on her?! I mean, have you seen her?!

Case in point: Kris Humphries, her New Jersey Nets player boyfriend. Maybe it's the Royal Wedding fever that seemed to spread the earth like wildfire, but Kim has really been on the fast track with Kris. Not only does she make her displays of affection for him public, she seems set on marrying him. And she's letting the whole world know!


First, there was the, um, well, kind of embarrassing photo of her making a heart with her hands at one of his games. Kim, you're so sexy, but ... don't do that. Remember when you rushed the field after Reggie Bush won the Super Bowl? Chill, baby girl.

Then, there is the talk that Kim will be leaving her homeland of Los Angeles for New York once the Nets season starts. Bold move.

And now she's talking about getting engaged and marrying Kris! They've only been together five short months. Take is slow, KK. He's not going anywhere. Have you looked in a mirror lately?

Kim recently told Life & Style:

I've envisioned the whole thing. I can't wait to get married. I've found my wedding dress -- I mean, I already know what my gown is going to look like. I've thought about it all for so long. What woman hasn't thought about her wedding since she was a little girl?

She was also even overheard telling friend Brittny Gastineau about her dream engagement ring at a Beverly Hills nail salon. "I want Lorraine to design me a big diamond ring," she cooed, referring to close friend and jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz.

Then, she even talked about having kids -- and naming them after Kris! "I think I'll name my kids with K's to keep the tradition going," she recently mentioned to a friend, revealing she wants to name her son Kristopher Jr.

Yikes. Take it slow, Kimmy. Not only are you probably breaking the hearts of millions of men with all this marriage and baby talk, you could potentially be scaring off Kris!

What do you think of Kim's behavior?


Image via Splash News

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