Couples Take Royal Wedding Obsession One Step Too Far

royal weddingIt's one thing to stay up all night watching the Royal Wedding coverage and obsessively Googling Kate Middleton's wedding dress. (Both are totally acceptable, ahem.) It's quite another to actually time your wedding ceremony to coincide with the Westminster Abbey ceremony. (That borders on fanatical.) Yet, that's exactly what these three couples did early Friday morning ...


No doubt in an effort to boost ratings and capitalize on the international obsession with Will and Kate's nuptials, cable TV station TLC staged a stunt Friday morning by organizing the wedding of three couples in Times Square, New York. The "wedding guests" included a crowd of fellow Royal Wedding fans who had gathered to watch the simulcast of the real-life British event before cheering on the New York couples as they tied the knot.

These couples didn't just model their union after the Royal Wedding -- they lived it! In fact, the more I think about it, the more this idea is totally growing on me. The Royal Wedding was arguably the most romantic event of the year; how exciting to have your wedding date coincide with such an important occurrence. Not to mention the fact I know plenty of women who've been envious of Kate Middleton ever since the news of their engagement; these three lucky brides now have a special link to the gorgeous princess -- if only just for one day.

It seems, however, that not everyone was thrilled about sharing their special day with Will and Kate. Here's Hector Abreu, one of TLC's Friday grooms, talking about the experience:

It's amazing it's the same day, but it feels a little bit for them.

He was silenced by his bride, Candice Chapman, who corrected him, "No it's for us."

What do you think: Is getting married during the Royal Wedding cheesy or romantic?


Image via mandiraj/Flickr

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