Royal Kiss Was a Big Bomb. Twice.

Wedding kissThe Royal Wedding was absolutely breathtaking. The pomp and circumstance, the processional, the celebrities, the wedding dress, and the long ceremony. But the moment I was waiting for? The first Royal Kiss. The moment when Prince William, His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge, would pucker up and show his bride, Princess Catherine, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge, and the rest of the world what their love was made of.

What a disappointment. Twice.

Neither one of those was a wedding kiss. They barely counted. Where was the passion? The romance? The excitement? It was an unemotional pigeon peck, both times.


I know Prince William and Princess Kate are British and are much less prone to public displays of affection. But come on. This was their first kiss as husband and wife. Their body language was all wrong. Arms kept stiffly in place, no leaning toward each other, heads straining to make their lips touch all while trying to keep their bodies as far apart as possible. Awkward.

Sure the two of them were cute up there. They looked sweetly embarrassed and Kate's blushing cheeks, especially after their second kiss, were really charming. But you know that this is not the first time that they've kissed. Come on, they're in their late 20s. They went to college together. They’ve been together for eight years. We know it’s not the first time that they’ve ever kissed.

I hope that when they came off of the balcony earlier today, William grabbed his bride by her slim waist, wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tight, and laid one on her. Not all slurpy sloppy but sweet, tender, and lasting longer than those pecks that were televised all over the world.

Now that would be a proper wedding kiss.

What did you think of the first Royal Kiss?


Image via Jennifer Cullen

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