Study: Men With Long Fingers Are Better ...

Man handsGet out your ruler. A recent study is giving the old adage Big Feet, Big Meat a run for its money as the best way to gauge a man's worthiness. This one could be named Long Finger, Easy On Eyes. The study correlates a man’s attractiveness to the length of his ring finger. Hmmm. Are they talking about what men with long fingers can do with those fingers?

Unfortunately, that's not the case. No, these scientists are referring to a man's facial features. They studied the ratio of the length of a man’s ring finger to his index finger. Men who have a longer ring finger were exposed to a higher level of testosterone in utero, at the end of the first trimester. More testosterone creates certain desirable facial features.

So to answer the riddle in the headline, men with long fingers are better ... LOOKING! Was that your guess? Ha, I thought not.

Who figures this scientific stuff out?


The study is really good news for all of the women who don't have superb night vision and have a hard time seeing a man's facial features in low-lit bars or down dark alleys. No need to keep eating all of those carrots to help you figure out if a man is attractive. Or even spending a few dates trying to get to know him. Just download a flashlight app and a ruler app on your phone before you go out. And start stalking walking around the bar asking random men if you can measure their index and ring fingers. I'm sure they won't mind. And an added bonus? You can make sure that they don't already have on a ring.

My husband was a good sport and let me test the theory out on him. His fingers were the same length. I even measured them a few times just to be sure because I think he's really attractive. But I think I'll stay with him anyway. He does wear really large shoes.

Are you going to whip out your ruler and test out this theory?

Image via ElvertBarnes/Flickr

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