6 Reasons to Crave Boredom in Your Marriage

bored woman marriageAnd you thought men were the ones who were more likely to get bored and go through some kind of midlife (even if they're only in their 30s) crisis. Nope, apparently, married women are more likely to get bored ...That's what researchers are saying anyway, after talking to 88 couples -- including one who had been married for 36 years -- about their relationship. Most frequently, couples referred to their relationship as "dull" and after that, they complained of it "lacking fun."

But these women should be grateful they're oh-so-bored! Because boredom can actually save a marriage!

Here are 6 reasons why ...


1. Boredom equals stress-relief. Whether you have kids or you don't, trying to balance your work life and your home life can get to be ... well, for lack of a better word, abso-freakin'-lutely crazy! It's enough to drive you nuts sometimes. Sometimes, you and your honey probably CRAVE boredom. You know, the good old days when you'd sit on the couch and look at each other on a weekend afternoon and say, "What do you want to do?" "I don't know, what do you want to do?" And then decide just to take a rejuvenating snuggly cat nap ... Hey, anyone else feel like planning to do nothing this weekend?

2. Boredom equals sex. If you're bored, you're looking around for something to do. Why not just "do" your partner? Hell-o, instant relationship booster!

3. Boredom equals creative sex. If you're bored with a mostly-vanilla sex life, you're bound to start considering ways to spice things up. It could be a great impetus to start sex bartering or swinging! Okay, maybe just trying another position or location, eh?

4. Boredom equals romance ... and even more sex. I've heard from married friends that when you're bored, you may find yourself sitting and thinking about why you're really with your partner. (You know, why you put up with his gaseous-ness, neat freak or complete slob tendencies, penchant for watching marathons of How It's Made or Family Guy.) But, then you remember how you met, how you fell in love, and you might just have trouble imagining yourself being with anyone else! And that, too, leads to sex. 

5. Boredom equals fidelity. Being bored is both triggered by and leads to laziness. And if you're lazy, you're probably not gonna have the energy to cheat. And if you can't get up off your butt to cheat, you're probably faithful to your spouse. Score! One step closer to a healthy marriage.

6. Boredom equals comfort. Feel like things have gotten a bit ROUTINE? Same grocery store trips, same wine and pasta dinners, same sex (see #3) -- same same same. But what if instead of all of that sameness, things got shaken up. Say you had to go visit your mother-in-law or take a red-eye flight to some undesirable location for work or your hubs went out and started trying to re-live his frat bro days a la Old School?? AGH. Suddenly, you'll realize drama is overrated and be wishing and hoping for that old monotonous, but cozy domestic schedule. Yup, gratitude equals a happy union.  

Do you think boredom helps or hurts your marriage?


Image via Adreson Vita Sa/Flickr

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