5 Romantic Secrets About Will & Kate From Royal Insider

Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey
It's almost time for the Royal Wedding! Soon we will be able to watch as the guests arrive, swoon over the bride's much-anticipated wedding dress and tiara, and be witnesses as Prince William and Kate Middleton exchange marriage vows in Westminster Abbey. Until then, we're killing time looking for all the top secret scoop we can find.

We asked Royal insider Robert Webster, the barrister who has been called "The Crown Jewel of London's legal society," to give us some insight from behind the scenes of the Royal Wedding. What romantic Royal Wedding secrets about Prince William and his fiance Kate Middleton or all things traditionally royal don't we know that we really ought to know?

Here's what Mr. Webster had to share ...


The Royal Wedding will, no doubt, be a joyous day of pomp, circumstance, and perfect pageantry, carefully crafted and choreographed over hundreds of years. Of course, it is also a most special event that provides Britain with a glorious opportunity to come together as a nation and to welcome a new ever-modern princess into the family.

Here are some fun facts you may not know from behind the scenes of Will and Kate's wedding:

1. Prince William -- as an heir to the throne -- must ask the Queen's permission to marry.

2. In keeping with tradition in the Royal household, Kate's ring will be made from a nugget of gold hewn from the Welsh mountains and kept exclusively for the purpose of making wedding bands for Royal brides.

3. In Royal circles, the best man is known as the Supporter. In this case, Harry is obviously Supporter to his brother William.

4. Prince Harry had kept Princess Diana's engagement ring as his most treasured possession, but surrendered it as a mark of respect, love, and affection for his brother.

5. As you know, Prince William is a Royal Air Force "search and rescue" pilot stationed in North Wales -- he was given personal advice and warned by the ex-king of Greece, King Constantine, that he mustn't think about Kate when piloting his helicopter as it would be much too distracting and affect his flying.

Are you as fascinated with the secret lives and customs of the British Royals as we are?


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