Royal Wedding Fanatics Show Crazy Love for Will & Kate

Nancy Odell Royal wedding fanatic
ET Host Nancy Odell with Royal Wedding fanatic
I thought my mom and I were pretty big Royal Wedding fanatics, seeing that we have a date to watch the wedding in real time at 1 a.m. Friday here on the west coast. My mom even put together a Royal menu that includes tea, scones, finger sandwiches, and bangers. Bangers, for gods-sake!

Seriously, I can't wait to see Prince William and Kate Middleton wed! My mom, aunt, and I watched the Prince Charles and Lady Diana's wedding live back in July 1981. I was just 10 years old, and all I wanted was to be one of those little girls in Diana's bridal party wearing a poofy white dress and flowers in her hair. That looked like loads of fun!

In any case, we will be watching with love (and live blogging and tweeting the events right here on The Stir, so you don't have to stay awake).

But our little ode to Will and Kate isn't much in terms of Royal fandom. Check out what true Royal Wedding fanatics are doing in preparation for the big day!


An American woman Teresa Cunningham quit her job to attend the Royal Wedding festivities. In this economy? You bet! Her bosses refused to give her time off after she booked her flight to London.

Cunningham is an avid collector of British royal memorabilia and plans to sleep outside on Thursday night to secure a prime spot so she can watch the royal family make its entrance for the 11 a.m. GMT marriage ceremony.

"Everybody wants to be a princess," Cunningham says.

But she better move quickly cause another Royal fanatic John Loughrey from southwest London has already staked a spot outside Westminster Abbey. He got there Monday and has been getting shut eye in a British flag sleeping bag ever since. Loughrey also gave up his job back in 2007 to attend every day of the official inquiry into the death of Princess Diana.

He told Sky News:

I'll never see anything like this in my lifetime. I'm 56, I may never see William as King so this is the most extraordinary opportunity for me. It won't be easy and I may not eat properly but come Friday it will be worth it.

I'll do anything for the royals. Diana would be so proud of her boys.

These people are for real with Royal love.

Will you be watching the Royal Wedding in person or live on TV? Or will watching the rerun coverage be enough for you?


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