Spring Cleaning Should Start With a Brazilian Wax

Cleaning glovesOkay ladies, it's time to complete that annual rite of passage called spring cleaning. But this year, I'm going to clean more than just my house. I'm taking a fresh look at my marriage, getting the cobwebs out, and figuring out what I need to work on.

I got started last weekend on both the house and the marriage. Cleaning out the house gave me such physical gratification; having a well-organized, scrubbed down pantry and no clutter in my kitchen clutter drawer. Cleaning the other, my marriage, gave me physical gratification as well. But more importantly, it gave me that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know you're on the same page as your partner. Even in the same paragraph. But that takes some attention to detail from time to time.

So put on your non-latex relationship gloves and let's get started:


Freshen up your appearance: It's been a long, cold winter. Clean yourself up. Go get a long-needed bikini wax. Dare to go semi-Brazilian. Or treat yourself to that new haircut and hair color you've been thinking about. I went to a new hairstylist for the first time in 10 years and boy, did that make me feel good. Making some physical changes is a great way to amp up your self esteem, which makes you a better partner.

Make some plans with your partner: Start by going for an evening stroll together. It stays light later. Hold hands and review some of your life plans. Holding my husband's hand has a calming effect on me. And being calm while talking about serious subjects is important. Plus, I'm a planner and I always feel closer to my husband when we talk about our ever changing life goals: family, finances, and even career. Feeling closer emotionally makes me want to be closer physically.

Clear out the cobwebs in the bedroom: Knock you and your partner out of your wintertime missionary rut. Clean out your underwear drawer and find that sexy lingerie you used to wear. Try something new in the bedroom, like using satin sheets or aromatic candles. Invest in a new sex toy or two. Just have a new sexual experience together.

Sometimes, all you need to do to give your relationship a boost is to shake things up a bit and get rid of the detritus. I took out quite a few bags of the stuff last weekend. And there's still a little left to work on. But I have time. Summer doesn't start for another two months.

What are you going to do to freshen up your relationship this spring?

Image via Care_SMC/Flickr

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