Loud Vibrator Leads Police to Break Down Woman's Door

police tapeIf it is possible to die of embarrassment, I think a certain 23-year-old woman in Berlin probably needs life support after police broke down the door of her flat, investigating the noise coming from her really loud vibrator.

"You could hear the noise out on the street," one neighbor said. Other neighbors said it sounded like someone was using an electric drill inside.

Good God, what kind of crazy vibrator does this woman have?


Police took a call from the frantic neighbor, reporting the unidentified peace disturbance, and tried repeatedly to contact the young woman who lived in the flat. When they got no response, they decided to break in the door -- only to find a sex toy switched on and vibrating around on the floor.

Thankfully, the woman wasn't home (or, in any way, in contact with the vibrator when police made their way in). Still, she'll probably never be able to show her face now that this news story broke and all her neighbors know and there's a bill waiting for her for one seriously messed up door.

And so begins another missing person's tale ...

Do you have an embarrassing vibrator story? Did the police have to get involved?


Image via Tony Webster/Flickr

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