Did Will & Kate Snub Robert Pattinson?

robert pattinsonOh, that Robert Pattinson. Could he get any more charming or adorable? A few days ago, when the Breaking Dawn star was on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote Water for Elephants, he joked with the host, saying that he was "shocked" that he didn't get an invite to the Royal Wedding. I mean, he is British, too, after all!

I think we all really know what's going on here, people. The only reason RPattz wasn't invited to attend the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton is because he would be the one garnering all the attention if he was there! Am I right?


Picture it: Just as Kate is about to say "I do," a random attendee catches sight of Robert and all hell breaks loose! Girls start screaming, grandmas start fainting, even Kate begins to question if William is the one for her. Complete mayhem. Glorious, glorious mayhem.

Don't worry, though, Robert. You may not be invited to the actual wedding, but you're totally invited to watch it at my apartment with me. Fine, you can bring Kristen. And, if you wouldn't mind, pick up a bottle of champagne on the way over. Hey, you're the one with all the money!

Would you invite Robert Pattinson to your wedding? Even if you weren't marrying him?


Image via Nancy Hoft/Flickr

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