Royal Wedding Guest List Revealed, You'll Want To Go!

prince william and kate middletonSqueal with excitement folks ... the wedding is coming. The royal wedding is coming. In just one short week Prince William will make a princess out of Kate Middleton and we get to watch as they say their vows — and then live happily ever after! To get us all revved up the guest list has been revealed. I am certain the paparazzi are standing by ... as it will be packed with high-profile people, from celebrities to royalty from a slew of nations.

Wait ... are you not squealing with excitement? Are you one of the few that are sick of hearing about all of the hoopla surrounding this event? Hmmm — well, if you are, the next week might just be torturous for you. 


I had drinks the other night with friends in from London and they could not contain their excitement. "After all", they told me, "Prince William will be the king one day!" And they went on to talk about how, in a world with so many terrible things happening, William and Kate represent something so anchored in history yet so different from the people that have come before them. These love-birds are really independent and their "subjects" can relate to them in a way they could never relate to Prince William's father ... which just sounds so wonderfully Diana!

So, if you aren't interested ... it'll be over soon, but if you are interested ... among the 1,900 confirmed invitees are celebrities including Sir Elton John, David and Victoria Beckham, Rowan Atkinson (a.k.a. Mr. Bean), Guy Ritchie, and Joss Stone. Also on the list is Prince William's entire search-and-rescue unit (which I think is super cool) and lots of foreign royals whose names don't mean a single thing to me.

And now that I am putting two and two together, maybe Jerry Seinfeld's recent rant on the royal wedding was just jealousy that he never got an invite?

Are you excited for the wedding or are you waiting for next Friday to come and go so you don't have to hear about it any more?



Image via esther1616/Flickr

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