RPatz & KStew First Public Kiss Steamier Than ‘Twilight’ Scene

twilightThey can run, but they can't hide. Everybody's favorite pale and pasty kids -- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart -- are in love and don't care who knows it!

In the past, the couple has shied away from public displays of affection, or even talking about their relationship! But at Robert's premiere for Water for Elephants in New York, the duo shared a big, fat kiss in the car before they sped off. Sex-ay!

It's about time they showed some PDA, though! We've all been on to them for ages now -- not sure what they've been hiding? Do they not want others knowing they're both taken? Do they actually want to keep their romance "sacred"? Or do they just not want thousands of girls' heads exploding because RPatz is officially off the market?

Either way, I say it's cool that they keep a low-pro. Because it just makes sightings like this all the more exciting!

What do you think about the couple keeping so quiet all the time?


Image via EclipsetheMovie.com

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