College Dating Site All Married Couples Should Use

LikeALittle.comDo you lack good flirting skills? Do you crave anonymity? If so, you could learn a thing or two from a new social network site aimed at college students called The site is based on the premise that flirting should be fun, honest, and anonymous.

Here’s how it works: You have a crush on someone around you, say in the library. You go to the website, find your college, pick the gender of the person you want to flirt with, identify them by hair color and location, and then type in any type of message you want. And hope that they're paying attention. They then have the chance to respond anonymously or reveal their identities. And if your posts get too randy, there are moderators armed with the ability to control content.


LikeALittle sounds like a targeted collegiate version of the Missed Connections section on Craigslist. But with an unhealthy dose of potential stalking episodes thrown in. Letting someone know that you know where they are. And that you think they're hot.

Though, you know, a site like this could be good for non-collegiates as well. And not just for flirting. What if you were to use it to anonymously call out your husband for some misdeed? Like "forgetting" to walk the dog before he went to bed. Or leaving his dishes in the den. Then it could come in really handy.

For example:

Location: Suburban New York City, laundry room.

I see you bald(ing) man who left the dirty underwear on the floor. Pick it up or no nookie for you tonight.

Or this one:

Location: Atlanta, GA, master bathroom.

Hey, brown haired comb-over, you left the toilet seat up. Again.

Or even this:

Location: Miami, South Beach.

Hey, stop looking at the girls over there with almost no clothes on. You're old enough to be their father. And I need another daiquiri.


I think someone needs to launch this site. It would be great. No one would get hurt, it would be (almost) totally anonymous, and posting my marital complaints would sure be a lot better than listening to the sound of my nagging voice.

Is anonymous flirting cute or too close to stalking?


Image via LikeALittle

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