20 Surprisingly Sexy Qualities in a Man

Sexy menDo you need a man with rock hard abs and a chiseled jaw to make you weak in the knees? Or do other less obvious characteristics do it for you? Sexy is not always the way he looks or dresses. It can also be found in the simple, everyday things he does.

And what's sexy is definitely in the eye of the beholder. I'm surprised by what has been turning me on about my husband lately. Sure, we’ve been together for eight years. And what was sexy to me when we first met isn't what is sexy to me now. He’s grown as a husband, a father, and a stepfather. As I hope I have as a wife, mother, and stepmother.

So, here's a list of 20 surprisingly sexy traits in a man. And I say surprisingly because so few of these things have anything to do with sex.

1. Admitting he's wrong.

2. Being able to converse intelligently with anyone, anywhere, and at anytime.


3. Changing the outdoor light bulb without anybody asking.

4. Putting family finances before personal desires.

5. Upping his fitness regimen so he can be around longer.

6. Buying a couple of packs of new underwear. And throwing out the old ones.

7. Scaring me in bed. Just enough to excite me.

8. Taking off his work shirt after a long day and being a little odoriferous.

9. Cooking a meal for me based on a recipe I picked out of Bon Appetit.

10. Being knowledgeable about planting a garden. Who knew?

11. Confident with the use of his hands.

12. Having a welcoming sense of humor and getting mine.

13. Happily being the Date Night designated driver.

14. Knowing his way around the kitchen. And wanting to be in it.

15. Being a really patient father and stepfather.

16. Having knowledge about something that I don't, like thoroughbred horse racing.

17. Cleaning out the refrigerator.

18. Making a really perfect dirty martini.

19. Getting better life insurance for me. Hmmmm.

20. Using his sex voice in public.

Sure, some of these are specific to me and my man. Not everybody likes a little fear in the bedroom or horse racing. But tell me, what's surprisingly sexy to you about yours?

Image via menesha86/Flickr

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