Help Wanted: Randy Couple to Review Sex Toys on Video

sex toysThey say it can be damaging for your relationship if you work together, but what if your relationship was your work? Steph and Mel Teague, a married couple from England, are the newest employees of Your Pleasure Zone, an online retailer of adult products. 

Their job description? Reviewing sex toys. Every week, the duo will review a different sex toy and record a three-minute video segment for the company's online TV channel. The couple will give each toy an "orgasm score," based on a 10-point scale. If the O-score isn't above a 7, then the shop won't add the item to their inventory.

The Teagues won the opportunity after entering a contest, beating out (pun intended) more than 90 other couples. Serious question for all of you: Could reviewing sex toys with your partner be the world's most enjoyable job?


Like any other, the opportunity has its ups and downs:

Up: If you're getting sort of bored in the bedroom, adding fun and new sex toys to your weekly shag sesh could make things more interesting.

Down: If something goes wrong with a sex toy, or someone gets hurt or has an allergic reaction (eeek!) -- is that something that the Teagues would want to be made public on the site? Yeah ... no thanks.

Up: Hellooooo -- free sex toys! Do you KNOW how expensive some of those things are?!

Down: I'm convinced that too much required sex could also be a damper on their sex lives. It just takes the spontaneity out of it.

Up: Steph's former occupations include stripping, pole dancing, a magazine editor, and a radio "sexpert." Sounds like this gig is the perfect addition to her adult resume!

Okay, on a serious note: I think that getting paid to experiment with your partner and provide honest feedback doesn't seem like such a bad gig. BUT (and it's a big BUT), I think what turns me off the most is the whole idea of the video posts. Think about it for a second: How would you feel if you knew Grandma Louise could log on to the MacBook you got her last Christmas and watch videos of you and your hubby talking about your sex life? OR, do you really want your dad to know the benefits of the neon green dildo you tried last week? Not me. No way. Anonymous feedback, maybe. But I just think that being the face of sex toys for one of the UK's biggest adult pleasure sites is a tad too public, for me.

Kudos for them, if this is something they both enjoy and feel comfortable with. I personally am interested to see their first review!

Do you think reviewing sex toys could be bad for your relationship?

Image via Stagshop/Flickr

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