'Royal Wedding Preview' Looks More Fun Than Real One (VIDEO)

I may be the only person in the world not transfixed by the royal wedding, but to be honest, I have never really been a wedding person. The wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William excites me even less than the average person's.

Royal watching isn't my thing. However, that all changed when I saw this T-mobile video featuring the "royal family" dancing their way down the aisle a lot like a certain other viral wedding video from 2009.

When I first saw it, I totally did a double-take because holy wow do those people look authentic!

See for yourself:


The royal wedding isn't going to be anything like this, almost guaranteed, but it's nice to imagine Prince William and Kate Middleton rocking out like the kids they are.

I'm sure the whole thing will be a somber affair, almost nothing like this video, but I like picturing a little pep in the Queen's step and fun had by all.

Now THAT is a royal wedding I'd be psyched to see!

Did you watch the video? Did it make you laugh?

Image via YouTube

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