It's Official: 'Teen Mom 2' Leah & Corey to Divorce

It's official and there can be no more denials. Leah and Corey Simms of Teen Mom 2 fame are getting divorced.

I didn't want to believe it and we all poo-poohed the reports from both In Touch and OK! magazines, which reported the Leah and Corey split after only six months of marriage, probably because we didn't want it to be true. As parents of twins, one of whom has serious medical problems they're still trying to solve, divorce is going to be a complicated affair.

What will this mean for the babies Aliannah and Aleeah?


First it will obviously mean being split between two homes. Their home will be no more. Second it means more bickering and more fighting that they will be caught in the middle of. It means they will see both mommy and daddy date others.

The good news, of course, is that they will have each other. And though we will see all of this unfold on MTV next season, the one major lesson from all this is clear: Listen to your mom.

Leah's mother was always the naysayer. She never seemed all that happy that Corey and Leah were getting married and, it seems, mama was right. Was Leah serious when she said that marriage was important to her? If so, why did she let it go so quickly?

Did Leah really try hard enough? Did she really give it her all? If six months later she is willing to let it all go, it makes me question whether she took marriage all that seriously in the first place.

It's always hard on the outside of any marriage to know what is going on inside it, but if the two thought enough of one another to marry just a few months ago, maybe they should have given it a little bit more time and maybe some counseling before filing for divorce. This is just sad for all involved.

Do you think they threw in the towel too quickly?


Image via MTV

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