4 Ways to Go Green in the Bedroom

Earth Day 2011With Friday's celebration of Earth Day rapidly approaching, I've been thinking about whether or not I do enough to help the environment. I recycle on a daily basis, turn the water off while I brush my teeth, and, this spring, with the help of my kids, even planted my first backyard garden.

But I never considered the eco-friendliness of my sex toys. And boy, do I have a lot of toys. The only qualities that were important to me? Price, effectiveness, and being phthalate-free. But it seems like I’m quickly becoming the minority. Recent statistics show that sales of eco-friendly sex toys are, ahem, on the rise.

What makes a sex toy green?


Well, being made of a renewable resource like wood, using rechargeable batteries or none at all, and being vegan for starters. All of which sounds great but I’m not going to get turned on by the fact that my sex toys aren’t harming our planet. If I can help out Mother Earth while I’m helping myself or my husband get off, then we all win. So I tried out a few earth-friendly sex aids to see if they could compete with my other less earth-friendly toys:




BabeLube Natural ($12): I’m a big fan of lube, but this was the first all-natural lube that I had tried. Ingredients include green tea, hibiscus, and aloe, plus the lube is water-based. The two most important things for me? Does it actually make my body parts slicker and is it long-lasting. I have to say yes to both. Plus the lube has the added benefit of being odorless and tasteless.


LELO candle



LELO Massage Candle ($29.90): Made out of all-natural soy wax, shea butter, and apricot kernel oil, this candle is packaged in an attractive glass jar. I tried Black Pepper and Pomegranate, which sounds like an odd combination but smelled amazing. Fruity with a bit of spice. Once the candle had burned for a bit, I blew it out and used the melted wax as a massage oil. The oil went on smoothly and lent itself to giving a nice sensual massage. I love items that are dual purpose. My husband does too.



Solar Bullet


California Exotic Solar Bullet ($28.80): I was really skeptical about this solar-powered multi-speed bullet vibe. The box said it would charge from most light sources and not just the sun. No batteries? Plus, the solar panel on top of the power pack was really small, no larger than 2 by 3 1/2 inches. Results? I was impressed. The bullet charged quickly and packed some power. This is a great vibe to travel with, plus I can put it in my Hurricane Survival Kit. No need to suffer just because the power goes out.




I also got my husband to try out the Birds 'N Bees condoms ($3 for 3). We don't use condoms, thanks to a vasectomy, but I was curious to know what a vegan condom was like. The condom was textured with lots of little bumps and ridges. And it had a nice neutral odor, not like the tire factory smell from my condoms of yesteryear.


How do you go green in the bedroom?


Images (top to bottom): Zazzle, Babeland, LELO, Amazon, Babeland

Disclosure: I received free samples of the above items to review.

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