Nikki Reed Is Coolest Consolation Prize for Paul McDonald

nikki reed paul mcdonald

It's official -- Twilight actress Nikki Reed and Idol castoff Paul McDonald are dating. They are boyfriend and girlfriend, you guys! We saw them meet and saw the instant sparks, then read about them Skyping with one another, and now we've got confirmation from the Paul himself that the two are going steady.

First Pia Toscano gets voted off and starts dating DWTS hottie Mark Ballas, and now Paul gets the boot and starts dating a Twilight star? A celebrity boy or girlfriend has got to be the best consolation prize yet for any Idol loser in history. If Stefano goes home this week, who will he start seeing?


Who knows, but I'm sure it won't be along the same lines as Paul's and Pia's significant others. Stefano seems so nice, and so little, that I could see him ending up with a reality star along his level of stardom. I would say a Teen Mom, but something tells me even Stefano would know that's a bad idea. This is going to sound really obscure, but do you remember Casey Reinhardt from Laguna Beach? The super bleach blond, super rich, super over-accessorized Daddy's girl and sister to Paris Hilton's ex, Doug Reinhardt, would go nicely with Stefano. They're both from California, so they could talk about that, they're both about a 3 out of 10 when it comes to reality show fame, and they're both short. I hear wedding bells!

If the idea of Stefano and Casey getting together didn't make you want to puke, maybe these quotes from Paul will. He told Us Weekly:

[Nikki's] supercool. She's been real supportive of this whole thing. She's actually pumped up now because she likes my original material way better than all the stuff I do on the show. I told her I'm not watching any of [her movies] for a long time. She said, "I don't want you watching" and I was like "I don't want to!"

What? Good grief. So Nikki thinks Paul's originals are better than Rod Stewart songs, and Paul's too good to see a Twilight movie, and Nikki is embarrassed by her role in the films. Is that what everyone else got?

Paul and Nikki will never last. He'll go on tour with Idol, get Lauren Alaina drunk for the first time, and they'll make out. Nikki will hear about it when Scotty texts her the news, and then she'll dump him. That, or they'll be so competitive over whose teeth are whiter that the constant bickering will cause their demise.

Do you think Paul and Nikki make a good couple? What about Stefano and Casey?

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