Mercury Retrograde Be Damned -- Control Your Love Life!

angry couple mercury retrogradeIf your cell phone keeps dropping calls, you've suffered email snafus, or it feels like when you talk to loved ones, you're having a helluva time getting your point across, don't worry. It's just Mercury retrograde rearing its ugly head until April 23. The planet that rules communication, transportation, and technology in astrology has been turning backward in the skies since March 30, and besides provoking computer meltdowns (like how I randomly lost half of the text in this story midway through composing!) and delaying travel, the retrograde tends to create some wild and woolly situations in our love lives.

Here are some common love glitches you may have experienced recently or could still endure before Friday, along with an astrologically inspired take on how to navigate the remaining days of this retrograde ...


When talking to your man, it's like you're speaking two different languages. Two words: I understand. My boyfriend and I are currently trying to figure out if/where we're moving come July 1, and trying to get on the same page has definitely been a bit frustrating. He gets hung up on one thing, while I'm trying to get him to discuss another. I've wanted to bang my head against a wall more than once in the last couple of weeks. Thankfully, the silver lining is realizing that a lot of this frustration is being exacerbated by Mercury retrograde, which frazzles interpersonal communication.

Also, because Mercury rules information in general, it can skew your perspective or research on important matters like a move, so it's probably best to wait to have any heavy-duty convos until after the planet goes direct on April 23. If you can't wait (like we can't, because we have to make a decision about our move before the end of the month), take what's said with a grain of salt, then revisit the topic and shore up plans next week. I can almost promise you everything should become clearer.

Old lovers have popped up out of the blue. Sure, this can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on if an ex or a crush from the past is welcome in your current life. My good friend told me around the beginning of the month that she had a random dream about someone she had the hots for years ago. No kidding, the guy got in touch with her via email within days, and he hinted that he was also into her back then! Crazy, right?

Well, my friend is happily engaged to be married this fall, so she just laughed the encounter off, but I told her it's trickster Mercury pulling its usual shenanigans. Although the general rule tends to be to avoid starting anything 'new' during a retrograde period, taking up again with an old flame is probably an exception. Because he's not new at all, and him coming back into your life now might be just what the Universe ordered!

Your honey is rehashing an old argument you thought had been laid to rest. Uh ... wasn't that fiasco resolved eons ago? Likely not, because Mercury tends to be a time when problems you thought were old news get regurgitated. (I know, not a pretty visual, but the experience tends not to be either.) The reason: There was probably some kind of loose end that hadn't been tied up. Your best bet is to finally bury the hatchet on the disagreement once and for all! That way, it's way less likely to come back and haunt you down the road.

Attempting to plan upcoming trips/vacations becomes a tense affair. I'm raising my hand right now, cause I've been here in the last few days. See, I need to make a few trips in the coming months for weddings and to visit friends and family, but my boyfriend is one of those workaholics who doesn't like to take any time off unless he ABSOLUTELY HAS TO. Lately, he's been even more stubborn about making plans to travel. But you know what? I need to realize it's probably not the best time to plan anyway, because any flight or hotel bookings that are made during retrograde tend to be filled with snafus later on. Probably best for me to hold off to make any solid plans 'til next week anyway!

Has Mercury retrograde affected your love life since March 30? How have you handled it?

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