Did Taylor Lautner Choose K Stew Over His Girlfriend?

Taylor LautnerTaylor Lautner's girlfriend, Lily Collins, is playing Snow White in an upcoming film adaptation of the classic fairy tale. Trouble is, Kristen Stewart is also playing Snow White in another upcoming yet separate film about the perennial tale with a Prince, some dwarfs, and an evil Queen. So which Snow White is the fairest of them all, according to Taylor?

He told MTV:

I’m lucky because they are completely different Snow Whites so I don’t have to choose.They are different stories!

While they may be different, one can usually choose a favorite, and as a boyfriend, hey, shouldn't he show a little more favoritism and support for his lady love? Maybe ... but we like that he's able to support both girlfriend Lily and good friend K Stew, even when they're competing head to head. Oh Taylor, you're so magnanimous, we can't stay mad at you. Now take off your shirt.

Do you think Taylor played his cards right here, or what?

Photo via Splash News

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