Man Bursts Into Flames in a Sex Shop

Apparently the sex shops in San Francisco are too hot to handle. And that is no joke. A man is now fighting for his life after he burst into flames while watching porn movies at a San Francisco sex shop.

As of now, it's unclear how the fire started, but the man has third-degree burns all over his body and the speculation seems to be obvious.

Did he become so hot and bothered that he burst into flames? It sounds insane, but spontaneous combustion may actually be possible.


Spontaneous human combustion occurs when a person suddenly bursts into flame because of a chemical reaction within. This happens without the flame being ignited by an external heat source.

The man was in a private booth watching a movie when the fire ignited, so the number one question is this: Just how HOT was this porn? I have never seen a porn movie that hasn't sucked (in a bad way), but I'm pretty curious what this poor guy was watching when all this went down. Did he get so hot he ignited? Or was he struck down by the heavens for engaging in naughtiness?

I hope he recovers, of course, and also that he refrains from watching pornography. Clearly it's too much for him.

Do you believe in spontaneous combustion?


Image via Dave Hogg/Flickr

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