Bradley Cooper Would Be Jen Aniston’s Man Mistake #834

bradley cooperI've been a Bradley Cooper fan since his days hosting Globe Trekker on PBS. He was in his young 20s and taught me everything I need to know about kayaking and fishing in the Boundary Waters. Since then all I've wanted is the best for this handsome, down-to-earth funnyman, and if that means dating Jennifer Aniston, it means dating Jennifer Aniston.

I'll accept it, but I won't necessarily be happy about it. You see ... Bradley's been around the block once or twice with some randos (I mean, how relevant is Renee Zellweger anymore, anyway?), and seeing as I'm best friends with Jen (counts if it's imagined), I'm sort of caught in the middle here. On the one hand, Bradley's a chill guy, but on the other, I'm not so sure how well he treats the ladies.


Does Jennifer really need another "Brad" in her life? She divorced Brad Pitt in 2005 ... she dated Bradley C. back in 2007 ... they obviously broke up ... and now she's hanging with Mr. Cooper again?

And I think we need to touch on the rumors that Bradley Cooper is gay. Let's just talk it out then move on. OK -- I could see it being true. I can see him "dating" Hollywood actresses in arranged PR moves to make them look less sad and to make him look like a stud. But behind the scenes is really dating Jake Gyllenhaal.

But assuming he's straight, I'd like him to keep his gorgeous hands off Jen. She doesn't need to be let down again a la John Mayer. Bradley seems a little immature for her -- I'd like to see her with a sexy older man that isn't a famous actor. He could be a famous director, producer, or businessman, but I don't want him to be in the same field as Jen, lest they compete with one another and the relationship crumbles.

Bradley is the star of Hangover II coming out soon, and goodness gracious I am looking forward to those shenanigans. I found the first one to be riotous -- and I went to the movie sober! He'll always have a strong hold on my heart, but this isn't 1995 and he isn't canoeing in Croatia and showing me the country's folklore. It's 2011 and he's a huge star who may or may not hurt one of the world's biggest stars, Jennifer Aniston. Back off, Coop!

Do you think Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Aniston make a good couple?

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