Karina Smirnoff Gives 'Playboy' the Secret to Sexy

Karina Smirnoff is giving us an eyeful of her dancing toned body on the cover of the May 2011 issue of Playboy. At 33, she is hard-bodied and perfect in every way, absolutely made to take her clothing off in public, but she says it's a lot more than that at work in making her "sexy."

She tells Playboy:

As a dancer I've always embraced my body. I'm thrilled to show off my strong, toned physique in the pages of Playboy and celebrate my sexiness. To me, sexy is the confident energy a person produces. Sexy is the comfortable feeling of being who you are. Sexy is not just having beautiful lips, legs, and arms; it's beyond that. Sexy is soul.

Right she is. But it's weird to hear a woman on the cover of Playboy saying that.


Smirnoff isn't traditionally "hot," it's true. There are other dancers who are probably better looking than her, but she does radiate sexual energy that transcends the way she looks (though she looks pretty amazing, too).

Women seem to forget that so often. We waste so much time freaking out over the way our body looks or our hair or nails or some body part that needs to be perfect before we will let ourselves be sexy. The fact is, sexy doesn't come from the way we look. I mean, don't get me wrong, that is part of it. We can't let ourselves go too much. But we all have seen two women, one of whom is perfect physically and the other less so, but the latter woman is by far the sexier.

Just ask any (smart) man what sexy is and he will tell you it's a combination of body, mind, and attitude. She may have a huge rack, but if she lacks confidence and seems uptight, she ain't sexy. It's just a fact.

What makes Smirnoff sexy is that je ne sais quoi that electrifies a person and makes them uber hot in a way that almost transcends the physical. It's a comfort in the body and a sense of moving through space like you own it. 

Smirnoff is right. She is sexy. And she looks sexy as all get-out on the cover of Playboy, but she didn't need to pose for them to prove it.

How do you define "sexy"?


Image via ABC

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