Evan Rachel Wood Turns to Justin Bieber After Break Up

evan rachel woodWhen you think Evan Rachel Wood, you typically don't think Justin Bieber. You think of more ... hellish things. Like vampires (because of her stint on True Blood), misbehavin' teenagers (because of her role in Thirteen), and Marilyn Manson (because she dated him). And typically, I associate the Biebs with throngs of screaming teeny boppers and my 6-year-old next door neighbor. Not ERW.

That's why it's totally not weird that after her breakup (of her engagement) with Marilyn Manson, she listened to the teen sensation non-stop. 'Cause it's the opposite of what she normally does. And sometimes, in my opinion, that's the best thing after a breakup.


After I broke up with this dude -- a million years ago -- who I dated for, like, four years, I was obviously upset. For days, I sat around my house, watched TV, and replayed our final conversation to my roommate. Then, at night, I went out and drank myself into an oblivion. And, I'm embarrassed to say, it wasn't all that different from what I was doing when I was dating that guy. (I was, like, 23. Cut me some slack.) Then, one day, I decided to do something I'd never done before. I decided to stay in at night, and in the morning, go to a yoga class.

I felt great! It was awesome! No, I didn't have some sort of "spiritual awakening" -- I was doing downward dog at an LA Fitness across from a Krispy Kreme -- but it just felt so good to do something ... new! It felt like there was actually another world out there aside from the one I'd been living. Who knew?!

Sure, Rachel may be taking her newfound Bieberism a touch far (don't we all?), saying things like:

People honestly think I'm kidding about Bieber. My mom is so confused. She’s like, "Evan, really?" I’m like, "Go see Never Say Never. You’ll understand."

However, I think gravitating towards something light and fluffy after what seems like some seriously intense years for Wood is just what the doctor ordered. Do you, girl.

What do you do to heal a broken heart?


Image via darkchacal/Flickr

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