Hugh Grant & Elizabeth Hurley Getting Back Together?

hugh grant elizabeth hurleyLove is in the air for two of our favorite Britons. Forget Prince William and Kate Middleton (who are a total snooze-fest compared to this couple), Elizabeth Hurley told the U.K.'s Mirror that she'll move in with ex Hugh Grant if they both fail to find long lasting love. I've heard of these sorts of agreements before, namely on an episode of Friends when Phoebe nails down both Ross and Joey as her backup plan, but maybe Liz and Hugh are on to something in a real life drama.

The two gorgeous and cheeky celebrities were together for 13 years before they split in 2000. Liz divorced her husband of four years, Arun Nayer, in October, and since then she and Hugh have been spending some quality time together. The actress, 46, seems to be able to have her cake and eat it, too.


I, for one, am insanely jealous. Not only is Liz one of the most beautiful people on the planet (not to mention she totally seems like someone you'd want to hang out with), but she's been able to keep Hugh wrapped around her finger for about 25 years. Granted he's had his stumbles, but somehow he managed to make getting arrested for soliciting a hooker just, well, not that bad. It could be his hooded eyes or his floppy hair, but Hugh makes us want to be that girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

The way Liz described her relationship, I feel like I can hear her smile, and I feel like I can see her face light up. She told the Mirror:

We are currently taking cooking, Italian, and guitar lessons and argue ferociously over who is more ahead in cooking, slightly less cack-handed at the guitar, but grudgingly agree his Italian is a whisper better.

Good god, woman! That sounds amazing. Who needs time to heal from a divorce when Hugh Grant is ready and willing to take cooking, guitar, and Italian lessons with you. While she dismisses the notion that she and Hugh could be anything more than friends as "preposterous" ... I'd like to agree to disagree here and say that I'm 150 percent positive that they're lovers. And "lovers" is said with a British accent, of course, darling.

If Hugh and Liz don't end up together, walking red carpets in their 60s, Liz dripping in diamonds, Hugh looking dapper in a '60s cut tux, I will eat my hat. Elizabeth Hurley is the true femme fatale (sorry, Britney). And she might be my idol (sorry, Britney). Now all I have to do is work on my accent, wear a dress made of paperclips, and start saying things like "whisper better" and "preposterous."

Hugh hasn't confirmed or denied he's interested in this backup plan for the two of them, but that may be because he's busy fighting with the paparazzi. He recently recorded a conversation he had with an ex News of the World journalist who admitted to phone tapping celebs. Touche, Hugh, touche.

Do you want to see Liz and Hugh back together?

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