Latest Christina Hendricks Video Is a Big Tease (VIDEO)

firefly christina hendricksChristina Hendricks may be an amazing actress -- probably everyone's favorite on Mad Men -- but she's also somewhat of a sex icon. The Marilyn Monroe of the 21st century? In some ways, sure, definitely. So it's no surprise that anyone familiar with her awesome curves would shy away from seeing them in all of their nude glory. Well, gawkers -- stills and video of the short-lived 2002 sci-fi series Firefly recently floated out of obscurity, and in them, Hendricks, who was then a mostly-unknown actress, appears NAKED!

In the scene, we see our favorite redhead as an assassin named Saffron who seduces -- then knocks out -- a man named Captain Malcolm Reynolds (played by Nathan Fillion) on their wedding night ...


Sound hot? Sure, but sorry, there's really nothing to see. There's an eyeful of her bare shoulders -- ooh! A shot from behind that merely shows her back -- wow. The tops of her famous breasts and a bit of cleave -- ah!

Overall, meh. A lot of brouhaha for nothin', if you ask me. There have been steamier scenes on Mad Men between Hendricks and John Slattery. (Love them together! She has some serious chemistry with that silver fox -- hot, hot!) And I'm not quite sure why this video is coming out and making the rounds right now, but somehow The Daily Mail is even writing about it.

It's probably just because most of us cannot get enough of Christina. I don't blame us! She's stunning and truly sexy. I heard she actually just signed a modeling deal with Vivienne Westwood, and I'm sure that ad campaign will not only be beautiful but super-successful. Other companies -- cough Victoria's Secret cough -- could stand to take a tip from Christina's popularity as Hollywood's A-list sex icon. Given how much buzz Hendricks' "naked video" is getting and given her wide-reaching, hopelessly devoted fan following, maybe people are starting to realize that a woman with womanly curves is actually hotter than stick figures? Hey, a girl can hope!

Here's the clip of Firefly if you want to see what all the hoopla is about ...

What do you think of the Firefly clip? Do you think of Christina Hendricks as a sex icon?


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