Halle Berry Swears Off Marriage Forever

halle berryHalle Berry hasn't been coming off as the most err, likable, person this past winter, given her nasty custody battle with ex Gabriel Aubry. But it seems like she's been enjoying smoother sailing this spring. She seems genuinely happy with her new boyfriend Olivier Martinez. But don't expect to hear wedding bells for Berry anytime soon. She's confessed that she wishes she would have known she just was "not the marrying kind."

She told the British paper The Sun:

It would have saved me a lot of time, heartache, and grief over the years. I made all the wrong choices when it came to love. I have been an idiot. But, now, it is like a gift to myself -- seeing more clearly and making better decisions.

Although her recent behavior has kind of left a bad taste in my mouth, I actually really admire Halle for sharing this ...


She also explained where she thinks are the roots of her emotional issues ... her father. No big surprise there. She says:

My father left us when I was young and that did affect my life. If I had a good father in my life, growing up, then I do not think I would have made the mistakes I made. I would not have been lost in love ... As it is, I had to find out about marriage from the men I've married. I have done it twice and I am not going to do it again. The traditional form of marriage is not for me.

It takes a lot of guts to admit that you screwed up and why you think you did. You've got to be better for it by acknowledging those things. But something else here that I find interesting is how ballsy it is to admit you're not "good at" marriage -- especially as a woman.

Just look at Jen Aniston! Every corner that woman turns, she's got a mic in her face asking her about who she's going to marry ... is she disappointed her marriage didn't work out ... does she hate her life as a single woman, etc., etc. Maybe she's okay with never remarrying! Or Britney Spears -- she clearly has a lot of issues, but all the gossip rags really care about is when she'll marry boyfriend Jason Trawick. What's the big deal? Why, in 2011, is marriage -- especially re-marriage -- supposed to be at the top of a woman's to-do list?

For someone like Berry, who's gone through it already twice before and obviously knows she's not interested in re-booting the experience, I say good for her! Marriage and re-marriage isn't for everyone, and it's always refreshing to see a woman know herself well enough to say, "Screw what society dictates -- this is what's best for me." I'm sure she's happier for it.

What do you think about people who say they aren't the "marrying kind"? Do you buy it?


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