If You Want to Date a Guy, Check Out His Dad!

The other day, Hugh Hefner had a night on the town for his son Marston Hefner's birthday, his 21st to be exact. Both men brought dates. And both dates were around 25, natch.

Gross as it may be (and it IS gross), there is a lesson here for all women who want to date: If you want to know what your man will be like in 20 (or, er, 64) years, look no further than his papa. Is his papa a cad who loves the younger ladies or cheats on mom with some regularity? You can probably expect the same treatment.

This is neither scientifically proven nor always true, but it does stand to reason. As Hugh was partying with his fiancee Crystal Harris, 24, Marston was joined by Playmate Anna Sophia Berglund, 25, who is said to be his "best friend."

Maybe this isn't fair. Maybe they are "best friends," but I still say like father, like son. At least at some point.


The fact is men learn how to treat women from their fathers or whatever relationship they have as their primary model. They can't help it. We all do it to a certain extent.

When my mother yelled at my dad or hugged and kissed him, I internalized that as the way to fight or as the way to be affectionate. Now I'm a lot like my mom. That said, we can also fight our tendencies, but if you're dating a man whose father had a hot, young blond on his arm and your boyfriend thinks that is just "groovy," you might want to watch out.

Men are always told to look at a woman's mother before they marry because that is what she will look like in 30 years, but that is true for men, too. Look at how he treats and respects women because that is going to be your man in 30 years.

Is his father respectful and loving toward his mother? Does he seem like a stand-up dude who supports and loves his family? Or is he the kind of man who bonds over beer, football, and gross remarks about boobs ("check out the cans on that chick")?

This isn't to say he can't be a bit different than his dad. My own husband is far more liberal and open than I think his dad is, but like his dad, he doesn't insist on watching sports constantly, he loves and supports me through everything, and likes to fix things. There are ways he is unlike his dad, too. It's all a crap shoot in many ways, but if your husband's dad is a cad and your husband isn't outwardly disdainful of that, watch out.

Like Papa, like boy, my friends.

What is your father-in-law like?


Image via cliff1066™/Flickr

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