Mark Ballas Is Heck of a Consolation Prize for Pia Toscano

mark ballasIt's been four days since Pia Toscano was voted off American Idol. I think we all remember how we took the news. I wasn't that upset, but there was a major uproar about her elimination. Granted it came way too soon (what is Stefano still doing in my life?) but turns out it's not all rain clouds and sorrowful ballads for our pretty, pretty Pia. She's found love! And celebrity love. And hot love. And I think that may be way better than winning the whole dang show.

We all felt bad for Pia, but now she owes us a big fat "thank you" note complete with confetti that drops out when we open the envelope and a gift certificate to our neighborhood Red Lobster --  we've done her a huge favor by sending her packing.


Without us, Pia would still be sleeping in that orphanage of an Idol mansion, sleeping in a twin cot next to James Durbin -- and we can all assume that James' feet smell. Poor Pia!

But we, the American people, have rescued her from the despair she didn't even know she was in. Because of us, she's been out on dinner dates with one Mark Ballas from Dancing With the Stars! The two were spotted at Gulfstream Restaurant in Century City. Hot and Talented, party of two? Your table is ready.

Pia told People magazine that:

Me and Mark vibe well together because he knows what I'm going through. He gets judged every week and he's kind of on a similar show, only I'm singing and he's dancing, so he's a really nice person to have support from. He's just really sweet and extremely supportive and he just said, "You know, better things are to come." It's nice to have him in my corner.

I don't want to be the one to remind Pia that Mark's a professional and was hired for the show, but I mean, his voting off would mean something a little different than her heave-ho.

Regardless, I'm happy Pia's happy. And I know I don't have to tell you, Idol fans, that's she's already got a record deal ... things are certainly falling into place for the talented singer and smiler. While I didn't see any personality from her on the Idol stage, I hope she messes her hair up a little, maybe sings a song with spinach in her teeth, gets a tattoo ... something to dirty her up a bit. With her new hot famous boyfriend and record deal, we can't have her staying quiet and perfect for long.

Do you think Pia is better off now that she's off Idol?

Photo via Angela Weiss/Getty

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